Nikki's Expertise 

  • Body Image in today’s media

  • Self worth and self esteem

  • Body positivity

  • Female Empowerment

  • Body Image in the fitness industry

  • How to build raving fans

  • Creating the perfect customer experience   

  • Personal Branding

  • How to dye your hair red (JUST KIDDING)

  • and more.... 

Nikki Pebbles, is the founder and CEO of PebbleREBEL INC,, and PebbleREBEL Fit.  She is an experienced branding strategist, fitness pro, and life coach with true enthusiasm and passion for helping others.

Nikki has made it her mission to teach women the power of being themselves in their body, brand, and business. 

After seven years of working in the fitness industry and building the nationwide dance fitness brand, Kerboomka, Pebbles created PebbleREBEL FIT and PEBBLEREBEL Media. Pebbles helps young girls and women heal their relationships with movement, food, and most importantly, themselves. She teaches others the power of moving your body with LOVE instead of punishment and how eating a slice of cake is NOT the end of the world #foodshouldntbeSTRESSFUL.

She hosts everything from in-person events, to master classes and intensives, all to better your body, brand and, more importantly, yourself.

Named by Women’s Health Magazine as one of their Bona Fide Fitness Queens, Women Fitness Magazine’s Best Body Positive Influencers to follow in 2019, and Shift Magazine as one their top online coaches to watch, Nikki speaks about body image, body positivity, branding and more!  

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When we were looking for speakers to ignite the event, Nikki Pebbles was at the top of my list. I’ve seen her speak before however the ‘Power Statement’ she delivered impacted the audience in a positive and nurturing way. She’s a unique, multi-talented woman who happens to be a kick ass dance fitness instructor. A gem!
— Vanessa Cañas (Event Planner)
Nikki Pebbles rocked the Thrive SF stage. She had the entire audience smiling, dancing and hanging on her every word. Not only was her message motivating and enlightening, her energy was contagious.
I cannot recommend Nikki enough!
— Andi Wickman

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