Nikki Pebbles, is the founder and CEO of PebbleREBEL INC,, PebbleREBEL Media, and PebbleREBEL Fit. She is an experienced speaker, branding strategist, fitness pro, social media ninja warrior with true enthusiasm and passion for helping others.

Nikki has made it her mission to teach women the power of being themselves in their body, brand, and business. 

After seven years of working in the fitness industry and building the nationwide dance fitness brand, Kerboomka, Pebbles created PebbleREBEL Media. She is now a sought-after marketing, branding, and social media specialist with expertise in brand building, public speaking, Facebook Live, Instagram, and content strategy. Pebbles is also a certified Life Coach and is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Developmental Psychology. 

She hosts everything from social media chats and in-person events, to master classes and intensives, all to better your brand and, more importantly, yourself.

Named by Women’s Health Magazine as one of their Bona Fide Fitness Queens and Shift Magazine as one their top online coaches to watch, Nikki speaks about branding, visibility, and confidence. 


- Bachelor's degree in Psychology and English  

- Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Devolpmental Psychology 

- Branding and Social Media Consultant for over 7 years

- Certified Life Coach

- Cerfited Career Coach 

- Certified personal trainer and group fitness professional (AFAA+NCCPT)   

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