Are you ready to OWN the real you?


Maybe you're new to the business world....

Or maybe you've been in the game for a little bit...

Maybe you don't even own a business...

but for some damn reason, something in your life doesn't feel right. 

You aren't being you.

You want to poop your pants everytime you have post something on social media. 

OR maybe You WISH you had the confidence to actually ASK for that promotion, WEAR that red lipstick, GO up to that guy/girl.



The problem that I see in not only the online business world, but the offline world is how SCARED people are to be WHO THEY REALLY ARE.

Why is that such a huge problem?

Because how are you suppose to shine at your FULL potential, if you aren't even being TRUE to yourself?

But you're probably asking yourself HOW!?

How do I be MYSELF and STAND OUT?

I'm not going to sit here (or type here) and pretend like this is easy. Confidence, whether its in business or personal life, is hard to grow and maintain. I look at it like a muscle that always has to be worked out! I'll help you workout that confidence muscle and show you how incredibly kick butt you REALLY ARE!  

Find out more below

My business grew dramatically because of Nikki's strategies! Not only is Nikki's advice and support on point, but she is SO fun, down to earth and honest! I have enjoyed every moment working with Nikki. She helped me go from no sales to selling out a program in 6 months (as long as you do the work, it works)! She has helped change my business by:

- Teaching me how to gain authentic and engaging followers - Providing me with ways to create my own content and how to get it out to the world. - Amazing tips on how to rock my LIVES and sell without being "salesy" - Providing me with customized, foolproof strategies in creating and implementing goals.

I have paid coaches, bought courses and other content. I have invested a lot into my business and I nothing has helped me as much as the time I have spent with Nikki! Her advice is so point and easy to follow! No more buying courses and content that you will never implement because it is just too much. Nikki helps with things you can do TODAY to move forward in your business and gives you the tools to becomes not only successful but a leader in your industry!                                       - Laureen Mally


So how does this work?

I believe that EVERY client is unique and has different needs.

With that being said, I have a different approach to how I run my 1:1 programs so here is the break down:

My 1:1 program is fully customizable due to what YOU NEED

(business strategy, FB live training, branding help, confidence strategy, life coaching) 

- This is a 5 month 1:1 program where we meet 3 times a month via Zoom or Skype

- You have full access to my email and messenger

Once we figure out what you are trying to focus on, I can then make a full program for you and then map out exactly what your 5 months will look like! 

Program Price: $3,000 paid in full


$650 a month/ 5 months


I’m not sure how to accurately describe Nikki into words— she is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with in the branding and social media world! I joined the program and can honestly say that she has transformed me!!! She knows her stuff.. any social media platform you can think of, she knows her to rock it, grow your biz, and make money! Trust me when I say that if you are on the fence about how to attack social media marketing and how to build your brand -think Nike, Starbucks.. Nikki Pebbles is the chic you need to be with!! Her energy and her genuinely caring personality are inspiring!

Thank you, chica!!! XO - Jackie, Virtual Assistant, Eloquent Virtual Assistance


So let's do it, girl!