" It's time to own your power and your voice"




" It's time to own your power and your voice"



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My name is Nikki Pebbles and I’m here to help you see how absolutely  incredible you are in both LIFE and BUSINESS.

 I'm the textbook definition of a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has expertise in brand building, content strategy, visibility training, and confidence strategy.

I host everything from social media chats and in-person events, to master classes and intensives, all to better your brand, life and, more importantly, yourself.   


Shelly Prokop

RADICALLY AUTHENTIC!! Nikki is by far one of the most stand out and genuine leading ladies out there. We could have talked for hours! Full of powerful ideas and feedback that helped me fuel a new project I'm brewing up! Thank you!

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Annmaree Black

Another great session with Nikki, and I love how she manages to encourage me to dig a little deeper inside myself and being forth some amazing ideas. I have not been able to stop thinking about our session since and now the porthole has been opened and I keep getting more ideas! Thank you, Nikki! 


I hired Nikki Pebbles because she actually acted like she cared about my business and making me better--not just building a database of coaching clientele. Four sessions! And I've got more work to do than I know what to do with! LOL! She is real, to the point, straight talk, no chaser! She helped me see things more clearly from the first call! I'm hooked!

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Rachel Glover

Nikki is the absolute best! Every call we had left me motivated and more clear on how to improve my business. Because of Nikki, I have seen a substantial amount of growth and I've only began to hit on some things of the things we went over. I am SO grateful I made the choice to work with her! I'm  truly going to miss our calls, thank you Nikki Pebbles!